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  • In this new series, we ask our people to define what 'Breakthrough' means to them, both from a career standpoint and a personal note.Our next issue features Dephin Lim, Managing Director of EssenceMediacom China & WPP Open X Media & Connections Lead, GC OU.

    What does ‘breakthrough’ mean to you?

    To me, "breakthrough" means embracing the challenge of doing something that is not only difficult but also unprecedented—setting and leading trends in the market. It's about having the boldness to dream and the tenacity to turn those dreams into reality. This concept is deeply ingrained in my personal habits. Each Christmas season, I take a retrospective look at the past year, assessing my achievements and recognising areas where I fell short. Following this period of deep reflection, I set forth goals for both my professional and personal life that are imbued with the intent to break new ground. These goals are designed to push me to continuously learn and grow, ensuring that I am always moving forward and striving for breakthroughs in all aspects of my life.

    What’s been the most inspiring personal breakthrough in your life?

    The answer of this will surely be the journey of how I actualise from dream to reality of my MBA commitment journey. The story begins with a while ago… after graduating with my bachelor's degree in Taiwan, I initially aimed for a Master of Mass Communication at the University of Queensland. Despite facing various obstacles, I couldn't achieve that goal at the time. However, recognising that learning is a lifelong journey, I pivoted towards an MBA, especially after years of working in business management. I realised the importance of balancing practical experience with foundational theories.

    What was the breakthrough moment in your career?

    The breakthrough moments in my career, I would say, are those instances when I'm able to create positive influences and impacts on the organization, our clients, and the people around me. It's not just about personal milestones or accolades; it's about those times when my contributions lead to tangible improvements and inspire change within the wider professional ecosystem.

    Tell us about a piece of work you were involved with that you would define as a breakthrough.

    On the TCCC account, I always steered teams toward breakthrough mindset, like our 'Coke Breaks' campaign where we captured moments with consumer insights, and '1982 Sprite No Longer a Joke,' a category-defining campaign with a clever twist and a pioneering livestream auction.

    What breakthrough in this industry - achieved by someone else - do you really admire? What do you admire about it?

    Well, I'm sure there are many breakthrough cases out there, but personally, I admire those that are digitally and tech-savvy and use it for good. Take, for example, the winners of the Grand Prix at Cannes in 2023, one of which was the 'Shah Rukh Khan-My-Ad' campaign by our sister agency Wavemaker.
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